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Bespoke Tailoring


Jeffery Holden is a world renowned professional and celebrity stylist. He has worked with men and women to refine their personal style for over a decade. Although based in Atlanta, Jeffery will travel to meet clients. As a style and body shape expert, Jeffery has a keen eye for identifying strengths and weaknesses in every form, and is well equipped with the tools to dress his clients (both on and off the red carpet) in smart, bold choices that only enhance individuality.


Jeffery’s first career job out of college was as a US Army officer.  Jeffery wore the Army uniform for four straight years.  Upon finishing his military obligation, he accepted a corporate position in the greater New York area in 2014.  Since then, his uniform has been a suit.


Quickly being attracted to the styles that New York had to offer, Jeffery became infatuated with elegance of suit wear.  His origin of suit wear was basic; no tailoring, alterations, or customization.  Jeffery has had the chance to see how styles change from the traditional tie to the skinny tie, from the traditional tailor to the slim fit European look, and much more. Over time, the details of how Jeffery wants his pants to fit and sit, the length of his cuff, the fit of his shirt, the tailoring of his jacket, and much more have all evolved.  Made to measure suits were Jeffery’s choice when purchasing suit, but over time, the quantity of my suits, and the details he demands led him to 100% bespoke tailoring.


As time progressed, Jeffery realized that he could use his infatuation to help others with their style needs.  Since starting JHolden Bespoke Consulting, and working for Connahe’s been able to guide, advise, and service individuals on a one-on-one basis for various events, ceremonies, and outings.  Through four pillars, I've been able to successfully and consistently create a product that is precisely what the client has requested.

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The Method

You Can Have Anything In Life, If You Dress For It.

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