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Bespoke tailoring can only be bespoke if you come in- person to do a fitting. Anything bought solely online is not considered to be bespoke even if you give them your measurements. To be bespoke you must come in- person and get professionally measured by the shop’s stylists or master tailor.

Bespoke Process


"Anything and everything can be's up to me to help you broaden your vision."

Personalization is pointless without knowing the individual. Understanding the dreams, hopes, and fears that motivate and contribute to our clients vision is critical. During this step I hone in on exactly how you want to look---uncovering every detail surrounding your vision. Additionally, I educate you on the nuances, details, and history of the various aspects of suit wear as well as the differences between bespoke and made to measure suits and tailoring.  Here we cover your vision options: material options, patterns, lapels types, breast options, and more. We'll cover fit and comfortability: overall fit to body/physic ratio, and more. During this step every detail from the overall fit and pattern choice will be covered. 

- Fabric

- Color(s) / Pattern

- Lapel 

- Blazer Lining

- Monogram

- Monogram Font

- Monogram Color

- Funtional Buttons vs Non-Functional Buttons

- Adjustable Pants vs Belt Loops

- Custom Buttons


"Let's tell a story through creation..."

Step 2 is taking your measurements. Starting with your neck, I'll measure every essential body part and angle in order to maximize comfortability and the compliment your body physic. These measurements coupled with your vision, we begin to bring your vision to life.



"Something beautiful is on the horizon"

Step 3 is the final fitting. Once your suit/tuxedo arrives, I’ll make any final adjustments needed. If no adjustments are needed, then it's time to celebrate and congratulate you on your new investment! Nothing speaks louder than a first impression, and you are about to make a strong and immediate one with your new custom design suit!


Signature Functional Buttons


Each J. Holden Bespoke suit is customized with functional sleeve buttons and is finalized with the signature unique look:

- 2nd Button
- 3rd Button Hole Stitching 
- Lapel Button Hole

Although the button style and the stitching color may change, all three details will always match - allowing for quick recognition of a J. Holden custom.  

Custom Lining

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Each J. Holden custom gives you the options of choose from over 100 lining options, as well as your personalized monogram.

Instead of choosing your lining from our pre-created options, you can create your lining from a personalized image or photograph.

Signature Numeric


The satisfaction of purchasing a J. Holden bespoke custom guarantees you that from your measurements to your customization, no one in the world will have your same suit.

We  take it step further by numerically authenticating every custom created with the J. Holden name and numeric identifier correlating to the creation of each suit.   

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